Your Talk

The Profit THRU Your Talk program was developed for the professional or entrepreneur who desires to not just educate and inform but connect, engage, and inspire.

We’ve all experienced it…sitting (and suffering) through a business or conference talk. Too many slides with too much information. All data but no compelling reason to care. As a member in the audience, you don’t care because the presenter doesn’t care about you–its that simple.

When you do a talk, do you care about each member of the audience or are you focused on getting through your slides and getting off the stage? You show how much you care about the audience by carefully crafting your talk.

Did you know when giving a talk you must earn the audience’s attention every 7 seconds?

Read that again–every 7 seconds. In today’s world where your talk is competing with the smartphone that sits next to each audience member, it’s crucial that you earn their attention over, and over, and over again. 

You earn their attention by connecting with the audience, engaging them, and ultimately, inspiring them. This custom, private coaching program empowers you to take your talking points, tailor them to your audience and wrap them in story.

At the center of your talk is your story–who you are and why you do what you do. You share your purpose and mission. You captivate and move your audience by sharing your authentic story. 

When you engage and connect with your audience, you move them…inspire them to be a part of and/or support your mission.

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