Your Story

Your unique story is the key that will help propel you and your message to the success you desire. I call this the Power of Story. Story is how we relate to one another. It is a uniquely human endeavor. Stories connect us…engage us…move us. What I find interesting is most people prefer to abide by the norm to conform. Most of us hide behind a facade. We are so desperate for acceptance that we hide behind our “good” story–everything is just fine. We hide behind our accreditations and degrees.

I created the Profit THRU Your Story program to help you re-discover your unique story so you can easily connect and engage with those you are meant to serve. The story I’m talking about is not all bright and shiny…there are some darker parts…things that most of us will keep hidden because we are afraid of being judged. The ironic thing is these darker parts…these rough moments…these struggles are something all of us deal with in one form or another. And when we authentically share our story, that which essentially made us who we are today, we create engagement, connection, and relationships that will fuel your success.

Your authentic story magnetizes you–your target market will be drawn to you (it also repels some people). And it is the very fear that the repelling exceeds the attraction that prevents individuals from being authentic. The funny thing is, the people your story repels aren’t people you’re meant to serve any way.

Your story makes you and how you serve relatable. Stories help your audience and target market see themselves (or parts of their lives/experiences) in your story. Your story is important and it is used in everything you do… website, programs, talks, content, books, etc. Your story is part of who you are so it is everywhere that you are.

Are you ready to step out from behind your facade and discover how your story can magnetize people to you and your mission? Click here to book your discovery session to see how you can Profit THRU Your Story.