Your Purpose

The Profit THRU Your Purpose program is the premier program offered by Jeff Zupancic. This program offers a broad, holistic approach to fueling and propelling your mission. The foundation for this private coaching program is to identify your personal and business goals and create a prioritized strategy and action plan to ensure your achieve achieve them.

The framework to Profit THRU Your Purpose consists of 5 elements:

  1. Why you do what you do: Your story, your purpose and your mission. 
  2. Your Message: How you convey your mission and inspire others (e.g., positioning, messaging, copy, testimonials, etc.)
  3. Your Brand: Connected to your mission, conveying your message (e.g., branding, logo, tagline, etc.)
  4. Your Content: What and how your message is communicated (e.g., website, social media, video, collateral, etc.)
  5. Your Outreach: How you connect and engage (e.g., talks, books, media, networking, partnerships, etc.)

We will start by reviewing what’s in place already, what needs to be enhanced, and what needs to be created. This fuels a prioritized plan.

People always ask me, what should I do first? There is no static, do this first. It all depends on your goals. A plan to grow revenue quickly differs significantly from one designed to create and grow strategic partnerships.

How do we work together? We meet four times a month and we review our plan and establish tasks/assignments for each meeting. This enables you to focus only on the things you need to for a given week, rather than feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. This “bite-sized” approach will have you achieving goal after goal in short order.

What’s your commitment? I’m committed to your success as long as your are. Each of my clients enjoy month-to-month engagements. No year-long contract that you’re locked into. My philosophy is when we work together, we’ll do great things together. If we’re not doing great things together, we can save time, and more importantly, your money, by going our separate ways. I’ve been working with some of my most successful clients for 12, 18, and 24 months (and counting!). 

Are you ready to discover how you can boldly step into your mission? Click here to book your discovery session to see how you can Profit THRU Your Purpose.