Your Book

Ready to FINALLY live the dream of being a published author: the fame, the unparalleled profits, the top-of-mind visibility, and … best of all … the off-the-charts opportunities that flood your way?

Your book is the answer, and the Profit Thru Your Book program is the key to making it happen.

Creating a successful book isn’t just a matter of writing a great manuscript and then sitting back waiting for the checks to roll in.

93% of all books published sell less than 1,000 copies. Why is that? Most authors don’t understand how to make their book a success and even worse, lack the commitment to make their book the success it can be.

What if you can have an inspired plan to holistically write, publish, and market your book?

Becoming a published author brings instant credibility, expert status, and recognition, opening the doors to your wildest dreams. Imagine … sharing the stage with thought leaders you’ve admired for years? Imagine being on the “inside” of powerful, profitable events, rubbing elbows with other movers and shakers? 

Is it time to live your dream?

Jeff Zupancic mentors scores of professionals to live their dream with a revolutionary process that leverages their unique genius to transform their book into a magnet for their target market. Becoming a published author doesn’t need to be over-whelming and tedious—IF you have the step-by-step plan and expertise. Jeff will guide and empower you to creating just that, showing you what it takes to become successful, and helping you avoid the pitfalls that trip up the vast majority of first-time authors.

The Profit Thru Your Book program will enable you to get your book done and experience the unparalleled profits when you leverage your book as your ticket to off-the-charts opportunities.

Profiting through your book is not about making $5 a book…it’s about connecting your book to you, your brand, and what you offer. To create engagement and authenticity so your readers…become fans…who want more of you and what you offer—this is how you will ultimately Profit THRU your Book. My proven process builds the bridge from the idea of your book to the magical places it can take you.

The foundational elements of transforming the idea of your book into a reality are Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. I like to refer to these elements as Crafting – Creating – Connecting. Rather than implement these sequentially, my step-by-step, fast-path process represents a holistic, integrated approach to ensure you achieve the book and business success you desire.

Ready to take your first step in getting your book done?

Jeff Zupancic offers two distinct programs to suit the unique writing, publishing, and 
marketing needs of each individual seeking to profit thru their book:

GuidanceProfit THRU Your Book Mentoring Program (Must qualify): This private coaching program is designed for those who want accountability and individualized guidance in making their dream a reality through writing, publishing, and marketing their book. We’ll create a personalized success plan for your book, resolve challenges, and celebrate triumphs along the way.

ServiceProfit THRU Your Book Platinum Concierge Program: This “done-for-you” Platinum Concierge program is designed for those who are too busy making their own business a success. You provide the manuscript, we get your book done–editing, formatting, cover design, setup for sale on, etc.

“Whether you want to get into print via self-publishing or via traditional methods, you should work with Jeff! While focusing on self-publishing, Jeff describes the steps involved in getting from concept to bookshelf to your audience. More importantly, he stresses the costs of various decisions that will affect profits received on each book sold–an eye-opener for many would-be authors.” –Evans Bissonette

Stop gazing at the stars, wishing and dreaming that you can join them! Get your book out of your head and into your prospects’ hands and experience the magical places your book can take you!

It starts with you. Are you ready to discover how your book can propel your mission? Click here to book your discovery session to see how you can Profit Thru Your Book.