Meet Jeff

Jeff ZupancicMy name is Jeff Zupancic and I am a authentic marketing strategist and business coach who is thrilled to be a champion for mission-driven individuals! I believe that you should share your talents and gifts in the service of others and you deserve and need to profit from your creative genius to fulfill your purpose. I specialize in helping professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their business by boldly stepping into their mission.

In working with me, individuals rediscover their story, develop their message, create their signature talk, author their books, and build authentic online connections and relationships. I help them uncover and leverage their unique talents and gifts to boldly step into their purpose. If you can’t make a living fulfilling your purpose, what happens? You take your purpose and put it up on the shelf, saying to yourself, “Someday I’ll do that, but in the mean time I’ll do this.” The problem is, “someday” never comes as you get on in your years. And then you wonder, what would my life have been like if I had done what I was meant to do? Through guidance and support, Jeff builds the bridge from the idea of serving others with your unique gifts to making a living making a difference.

I am unique from others because my approach and step-by-step process represents a holistic, integrated approach to achieving your purpose-driven business and personal goals. 

When I first got involved in the creative arts, I discovered the closed ecosystems that had been dominant for over half a century. Whether it was TV, music, books, or movies the harsh realities were the same—you had to know somebody to get in and once you got in, the establishment took advantage of your creative genius. You had to “cut your teeth” on a few different projects, in the mean time the agents, producers, and media companies are profiting from your creative genius and would throw you a couple of nickels along the way. It was the established media companies’ party and they decided who to invite.

Something didn’t seem right about this. You were born with natural talents and genius—gifts for you to share with others in this world. Who were these publishing, TV/movie, music and media companies to be the judge of who can share their gifts with others?

With the advent and the ubiquity of the Internet, the closed creative arts ecosystems have crumbled to a certain extent. This has enabled millions of individuals to express themselves creatively through blogs, YouTube, self-published books, websites, social media, etc. Everyone is afforded the opportunity to reach others through the web. When you share your gifts with others, you connect and serve them in ways you couldn’t have imagined previously.

I founded Profit Thru Your Purpose on one simple principle: the more you profit through your purpose, the more you can reach and serve others. You can have a profound impact on others, making their lives better and, ultimately, make this world a better place. You can make a difference AND make a living.

This is why I do what I do. I choose to shine my light and share my God-given gifts in the service of others to help them have higher visibility and shine their own light farther than ever before in the service of others. It is this “ripple effect” of inspiring one to fulfill their dream so they can, in turn, inspire others that makes all the difference. It’s what I call being purpose-driven and being on “mission.”

I relish the opportunity to help you live the purpose-driven life you desire. May I join you on your mission to serve and inspire others?

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