You’ve thought about it…the question keeps echoing in your mind: Is there more to life than this? You feel this way because you are following the script that you’ve been given for life. The script we’re all given. You know the one–it goes something like this:

  1. Go to school, get good grades
  2. Go to college, get your degree
  3. Get the job
  4. Get the spouse
  5. Get the house
  6. Have kids
  7. Send them to college
  8. Retire

They say if you follow this script, you will live a life of happiness. Interestingly, the script seems to boil down to two simple directives: make money (the more the better) and take care of your family. Yet if the script is meant to create happiness, why are there so few that are living a life of happiness–a fulfilled life?

The answer is simple, you have been put on this planet for a specific purpose. You have been given unique gifts and talents to use in the service of others that enable you to fulfill your purpose, and, in doing so, to live a fulfilled life. Yet, if you can’t find a way to make a living fulfilling your purpose, you put your purpose up on the shelf and say, “one day, I’ll get back to that, but in the mean time, I’ll make a living doing this.” And, for far too many, that “one day” never comes. And in the twilight of  your life, you ask yourself, what would my life had been like if I had fulfilled my purpose?

Take another look at the script above, it doesn’t say anything about living a life of purpose. It doesn’t say anything about serving others. It’s no wonder so few step into their purpose. What if you could make a living by making a difference? Would you? Do you want to?

The reason that I founded Profit THRU Your Purpose is to empower individuals to live the life they dream of. To live a purposeful life. To make a difference AND make a living. Notice the order of that: make a difference first, then make a living. The life script we have been given is all about making money and then if you have time…if you have money…you can make a difference on the side.

I know how it feels, probably what you feeling right now–is there more to life than this? I was in the middle of the script, in fact, three kids deep into it. I had a high-paying job, a great marriage, and a nice house. Then I woke up one morning and I felt bored out of my skull. I realized I could do my job in my sleep. As I leader, I loved mentoring and developing team members. The corporate work that I did in new product development and consumer insights helped companies but I felt so far removed from making a difference in people’s lives. That was my nudge…to step into my purpose…to help others live and fulfill their purpose.

When you boldly step into your purpose–your mission…amazing things happen. Inexplicable things. I have not only seen this in my own life but I get to see it happen every day for my clients. Think about it: you stepping into your purpose could be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

So how do you Profit THRU Your Purpose? All you need is a strategy, a prioritized plan, and on-going support and guidance for success. Not sure what your purpose is? We’ll work together to uncover and remember why you are here.

Through private coaching, I can help you Profit THRU…:

Making a difference, making a living is the answer, and Profit Thru Your Purpose is the key to making it happen.

We all have a calling–isn’t it time, you picked up the phone?

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